We only purchase prosthetic feet that can be resold to amputees for an affordable price.                 NO  ABOVE THE KNEE PROSTHETICS!!!
Please send pics and asking price of prosthetic feet to

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping to all US locations.

All Liners & Sleeves are new never opened and not old stock.

At New & Used Prosthetics, our extensive lines of prosthetic items are dependable and include innovative features needed in the modern medical environment — at economical prices that fit nearly any budget. We will let you try a foot out for a few days to make sure you like it so your not stuck with a foot you won't use.

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Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping to all US locations.


At USED PROSTHETICS, we are interested in purchasing high end perfect condition used prosthetic  feet. Please send clear pics showing the type of prosthetic foot and the condition it is in before contacting us, so we know if this is a prosthetic we would be interested in purchasing.  We work hard to make sure our customers get the prosthetic limbs they need to maintain their mobility. For us, it is all about improving the quality of life for those who have unfortunately suffered the loss of a limb. We enjoy what we do, and we love making people happy. Just hearing stories of customers returning to their normal activities and accomplishing many things really fills us with pride, makes our week, and keeps us going.

To make things easier for our customers all you have to do is tell us what you need or want and we will find it for you.Though we focus mainly on the multi axial prosthetic feet and we truly believe in the hydraulic ankle foot, We do what we can to get you what you need. We want every amputee to have the best available prosthetic items at the lowest price possible. We are here for the amputee that has to pay out of pocket for what they need.


Bring back your mobility with a Prosthetic you can afford to pay for.

It is a main goal of ours to provide all of our customers with the prosthetic they need at affordable prices. Many of our prosthetic items are BK (below-knee) prosthetic such as liners and hydraulic feet. We also have AK liners and other items as well.