Collage Park Tribute Size 24 Cat.3 Left Comes with foot cover.

Collage Park Tribute Size 24 Cat.3 Left Comes with foot cover.


Product Overview

The Tribute delivers dependable performance in a value package with a tri-axial design and Intelliweave® composite technology. Lightweight, with a full-length toe lever and a low frequency response allows for a full range of motion and firm footing on varied terrain. The Tribute is an ideal solution for initial fittings and low to moderate impact users.

Tri-Axial Technology

True multi-axial movement occurs on all three planes. The Tribute provides anatomical planter flexion, dorsiflexion, transverse rotation and inversion/eversion allowing for ease of movement, excellent ground compliance and comfort.

Full Range of Motion

On heel strike, the rear bumper compresses and pulls the toe downwards, giving longer ground contact. During stance phase, the front bumper starts to compress, rotating the ankle to ready the foot for a smooth toe-off, all without losing ground contact.

Easy as 1-2-3

The Tribute comes with a toolbox of options to truly customize the foot. With one pin, assembly and disassembly couldn’t be easier.

Stride Control

Stride Control® is located in the back of the foot and allows for precise adjustments for a gait that is perfectly tuned to the user.

Technical Specifications:

  • Impact Level: Low to Moderate