Endolite ESK+ Knee Pneumatic swing control.

Endolite ESK+ Knee Pneumatic swing control.


A unique knee design, the Blatchford ESK+MKL knee with weight activated stance control and pneumatic swing control for natural free knee walking and a manually operated lock to secure the limb for extended standing. It’s ideal for users who stand for long periods at work or leisure because it can be switched to the lock option when required.


  • Weight activated stance control with lock option
  • Pneumatic swing control
  • Manual user operated lock
  • 115° knee flexion
  • Universal thigh release lock operation
  • Proximal full alignment

Max. user weight: 125kg (275lbs)
Activity level: 3
Component weight: 1.2kg (2 lb 10.3 oz)
Control unit: pneumatic/lock


  • Patient Weight Limit: 275lbs