KissVelcro Strap kit.

KissVelcro Strap kit.


Convert your socket to a stap. This makes your socket more sucure Pulls a lot less then a pin.

The kit has everything you need.

Product Overview

  • This KISS® Kit features an aluminum 4-Hole endo distal base, which also serves as an attachment base for endoskeletal
  • componentry. 
  • It also easily retrofits with PDI™ and Bulldog™ shuttle locks. 
  • It includes an aluminum tab to assist in fabrication.
  • Lamination adaptor and spacer screws sold separately (CMP14/A). Designed for a 1 socket, 2 liner application. Applications:
  • Serves as an endoskeletal attachment base
  • Retro fits with PDI™ and Bulldog™ locks
  • Requirements: Covered roll on locking liner.
  • Total Build Height: 3mm
  • Includes 7 Components
  • (1) CMP2/A – 4-Hole Endo Distal Base